Monday, 3 December 2012

Visiting the Snowbirds in Florida

Visiting the Snowbirds in Florida Lori and I arrived in Florida on Nov. 21 st. It was wonderful after our three months of travel to have someone waiting to greet us and whisk us away.  We enjoyed a relaxing dinner and evening with my sister Maggie and her husband Brian.  Nov. 22 was American Thanksgiving and we were happy to have a home cooked turkey dinner since we missed our Canadian one in October.  We had a double treat as we all went to the beach while the turkey roasted; sweet!  On Black Friday we did a little shopping, rode bikes, swam in their club house pool and for a finale went to see the birds landing at sunset at an Audubon built rookery. Lovely! On Saturday we drove Lori to the airport so she could return to her BC home. It was strange saying good bye to my co pilgrim and adventure bud of 3 months.  What a trip we had!!! My next week in Florida was a joy.  I bought a three day visitors fishing license so we packed that in between beach combing, dinning out, and shopping. On my last night we saw a Christmas boat parade on the Intercoastal Waterway. Time to get into the Christmas spirit. Thank you Maggie and Brian for your great hospitality and for collecting two traveling gypsies off our ship in Miami. It was great fun, as my visits always are with you. You have made terrific retirement choices. Florida is wonderful! Now up to the Great White North. As I write this I am sitting in an Italian restaurant in the Chicago Airport awaiting my connecting flight to Montreal.  I will visit with my daughter Genevieve for two weeks. I know that I will enjoy this very much as well. Yes, it will be difficult to finally face the winter season but Christmas festivities are here and that will help me adjust. Genevieve is coming home for Christmas and we are traveling together on the same flight with her two cats on Dec 19th. This should be an interesting adventure onto itself. Next chapter will be all about Montreal with Genevieve.  Happy Holidays!

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