Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Montreal grand voyage est fini! The big adventure has finally come to a close with a final flight from Montreal to Edmonton on Dec. 19th. I travelled with my daughter Genevieve and her two cats as carry ons. All went smoothly, thankfully. The cars were absolute angels! I arrived at Genevieve's close to midnight on Dec. 2nd. I decided to continue my frugal ways and took the shuttle bus from the airport with two metro lines to her apartment. Think of me pulling a suitcase, back pack and large hand bag all alone with several homeless people sleeping in the subway. Lori and I would often say after walking the Camino that we could manage anything. I guess I had better tweak that sentiment a little. I might be capable of doing something; but maybe I really shouldn't just the same. My visit with Genevieve was a little lazy but enjoyable. I was reluctant to go out in the cold at first and limited myself to short walks to her local stores. I caught up on some of my favourite missed Canadian television shows and enjoyed going to Genevieve's Christmas sales events. I also had the pleasure of diner out with my two nieces and their children, who live in Montreal. Since I was visiting for 16 days, I decided to do a mini train trip to Deseronto, ( east of Toronto) to visit my sister Joanne and her husband Lloyd.  That was great fun as well. They are very artistic people and I always feel mentally rejuvenated after a visit.  My last outing with Genevieve in Montreal was to see "The Hobbit" at the IMAX theatre. Fantastic. Oh, why can't we all live in peace in beautiful little houses in the Shire?! So now I return home with four days to prepare for Christmas. Wish me luck!  It will be wonderful to be with my Alberta family and friends again.  Next Posting.. More pictures and thank you to all the good folks who helped make this trip the great success that it was.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Sincerely  Arlene

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