Friday, 18 January 2013

Thank You!

Due to the fact that our adventure was such a major endeavor for Lori and me; this is a very long list of thanks to all our friends and family who helped to make this trip the success and joy that it was. I hope that I have not forgotten anyone.

Thank you to the Sydney Academy Class of 71 , 40th Reunion Committee who managed to track us down, and thus,  allowing Lori and I to renew our friendship and have this incredible journey.

Many thanks to my daughter Genevieve for building this blog and keeping it updated as we traveled. I also thank my talented designer daughter for creating the tie dyed tank top that was featured in so many photos. ( dyed on request to go with my tiny pilgrim wardrobe). I also thank Genevieve for having me as her guest for two weeks in Montreal.

Thank you to my friend and co worker Karin for walking with me every day during lunch hour in preparation for this hike. Thanks also for the shell for my back pack which she  presented to me on my last day of work; it was truly thoughtful .

Thank you to my co workers who gave me a very lovely retirement send off which I truly appreciated! 

Thank you to Kim and Darren my good neighbors and in laws for a lovely Bon voyage dinner, special gift and watchful eyes on my home while away. 

Thank you to my son Chris and his family for the thoughtful Camino birthday gifts and for loaning me his perfect pack tent which I ended up mailing home. ( absolutely of no use on the Camino, my mistake) The fantastic first aid kit was used right down to the last band aid.

Thank you to Lori's family and friends in the Vancouver area for the great hospitality during my visit there;  Lorne taking us crab fishing, Garcy and Jonathan hosting a wonderful send off party and 
Charmaine for driving us to catch our ferry to the Island.

Thank you to Barb and  Erich ( Lori's sister and brother in law) for Chauffeuring us around Vancouver Island, giving us beds and taking care of Lori's little dog Pepita for the duration of her trip. 

Thank you to my sister Maggie and her husband Brian for collecting us from our cruise ship in Miami showing us a great time in Venice, and taking us to our airport departures.

Very special thank you to my good neighbors and Mother and Father in Law ( legally ex but still the best) Marcelle and Wilfrid for taking care of my house while I was away for 4 months! 

We both said it many times on our Face Book pages but it is worth repeating again here: " Thank you to everyone for giving us encouragement and feedback during our journey!" We really enjoyed keeping in touch with our family and friends. 

I promise to add some extra photos to this blog where only text was provided. 

Bye for now


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