It is remarkable that so much effort has been made to keep the Pilgrims on track. Lori has taken many photos of the various signs.
The larger towns and cities have imbedded signs in their sidewalks and  while walking through the country there are signs on concrete markers.
In addition there are yellow painted arrows everywhere.  It is nice to have a guide book to plan your day but you could walk without one and never get lost. This is good for us and the locals of course, as they would be helping lost souls in multiple languages all day long.
One day Lori and I became distracted due to a parked bike we saw with a very large GPS on the handlebars.  We only walked 10 paces in the wrong direction and a car honked at us with the driver pointing for us. We were impressed.
While Lori has been snapping pictures of signs; I like to quietly sneak up on a great pair of legs. Don't Judge!